Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Strickland admits he had no clue what he was talking about.

In the closing days of the election, I wrote several posts about the enthusiasm gap in Ohio and how Governor Strickland was in denial of its existence.

In fact, on October 27th, Strickland stated the following:
"It's a myth that there's an 'enthusiasm gap' in Ohio. It doesn't exist. We are ahead of them."
Now, December 1st, we finally see the Governor admitting he was full of it as his inevitable defeat was at hand.
I lost because there was an enthusiasm gap and too many people who would have most likely voted for me did not vote."
The denial from Democrats in the last few weeks of the election was downright odd to witness. Their refusal to accept the inevitable and push internal polls that said the exact opposite of public polling forced everyone from activists to media to wonder what the Strickland camp was doing. Were they really that desperate?

Now, to be fair, releasing the internal data that went against virtually every other bit of public data available did the job. It gave liberal activists hope and made them keep pushing. Unfortunately for them, it didn't get the average registered Democrat to the polls.

But ultimately, it damaged their credibility. Just how we now know just how widespread their "paid volunteer" program really is, we also were provided insight into the desperation and deception they require in order to push their message.

Yes, Ted. There was an enthusiasm gap.

We told ya so.

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  1. "Their refusal to accept the inevitable and push internal polls that said the exact opposite of public polling"

    Wow. You don't know what YOU'RE talking about.

    Most of the internal polling data the Strickland campaign released was not the EXACT opposite of public polling, but actually mirrored public polling that showed a much closer race than others. Polls that you discounted even though they proved to be precisely accurate. Like CNN/Time?

    They released the polls because Quinnipiac and SurveyUSA was showing ridiculous double-digit polls that was getting attention because they were so ridiculous.

    They released internals showing that they showed results that mirrored other public polling that showed a much tigher race. And they were proven right.

    Eventually, they're internals showed a slight, but within the margin lead which isn't entirely against public polling as other polls showed the same thing or was still within the margins of Strickland's internals.

    So, you're wrong.


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