Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This is just getting sad.

As Kasich states in the article, Strickland's letter says nothing new. The Governor still wants to use our money to subsidize state jobs. Blah blah blah.

Listen, Governor. It's over. Done. Ka-put.

I'm sorry, but your legacy won't be a state subsidized train that no one rides and goes as fast as a souped-up go-kart.

Instead it will be double-digit unemployment and the worst budget deficit in Ohio history.

Get over it.



  1. Dear Teddy,

    You lost.



  2. "The Governor still wants to use our money to subsidize state jobs. Blah blah blah."

    Uh, isn't that what Kasich just traveled to DC to beg to do?

    Once more, which is it? Using federal and/or state dollars to shore up infrastructure is bad when a Democrat suggests it (even though it was during the Voinovich administration that the train idea came about) or it's okay when a Republican begs for public dollars?

    Kasich's slogan should be "Do as I say, not as I do."

  3. The train is a public works boondoggle. It can't die fast enough.

  4. This is sad. Give it up Ted and go quietly.

  5. Scarlet, try again to answer the question.

    Train aside. If Kasich was successful in getting the Federal Govt to give him control over the money...

    Is it okay for a REPUBLICAN governor to take Federal dollars to provide State jobs but not a DEMOCRAT? Either "stimulus" is evil or it isn't, regardless of party affiliation of the executive branch of the recipient.

  6. No, Kasich said that if the money was coming, it should go to things we really need. Not a slow speed train that NOBODY would ride!

  7. First of all, there's a reason that Keeling won't actually let you read Strickland's letter to Kasich. Because it dispels the myths that this is a slow train nobody would ride.

    I look forward to Keeling calling for Kasich to scrap JobsOhio... we can't have the state subsidizing jobs with our money, and all.

    John Kasich is flushing $400 million in federal economic development dollar and over 10,000 new jobs down the drain for some other State to take.

    And Kasich is doing it for no other reason that because his former political opponent had something to do with it. Kasich's childish antics and Keeling's spin can't hide it.

  8. Train aside? We're talking about the train and its idiocy.

    Are some public works project good? Sure. Is the train one of them? Surely not.

  9. Scarlet>Fire

    Do you honestly agree with Kasich that the money would be better used rehabbing even more roads and bridges than laying the foundation that would allow Ohio to eventually have a high-speed passenger rail system throughout the State?

    Do you really think that linking Ohio's cities with a comprehensive passenger rail system would not lead to economic development and job creation in those cities? Or benefit the freight rail system?

    Kasich isn't right because Kasich isn't even interesting in STUDYING the issue before deciding. As evidenced by the points made in Strickland's letter to him.

  10. I believe it to be boondoggle. A slow choo-choo that will cost well beyond the $400M gov't money and require a $17M+ annual subsidy ad infinitim is just not good investment in my opinion.

    It will be neither cost efficient, nor time efficient to travel via the proposed train to Cinci-Cleve-Columbus. Make it a couple traveling on the train vs. driving and it becomes even worse.

    A back-of-the-napkin analysis would show you that.

  11. Do you really think that linking Ohio's cities with a comprehensive passenger rail system would not lead to economic development and job creation in those cities? Or benefit the freight rail system?

    Matter of fact, yes. Until such time as the structural problems in the State are fixed, there will be no significant job creation. Having development around train stops will, at the most, just shift businesses from one location to another. I own bonds that financed trains in another state and the only thing that keeps the operations going is state funding -- something that is not unique. Why will Ohio be any different?

    I wonder why there is not a large contingent clamoring for high speed I do not.

  12. Keeling writes: "The Governor still wants to use our money to subsidize state jobs. Blah blah blah."

    Kasich and other GnoP candidates made an issue of ANY federal spending to stimulate job growth or the economy was WRONG. The public ate this up thinking they were right.

    Now Kasich WANTS federal dollars. He traveled to DC to BEG for federal dollars to spend as he sees fit (without any comprehensive study and data that would empirically suggest an economically sound way to spend it).

    Stimulus money is bad if Strickland spends it. But it's "necessary" if Kasich spends it. That's what you're going with?

  13. I think the train money should be spent on unemployment. Afterall, the Democrats tell us that more jobs are created by paying unemployment than anything else.

    If you believe that, you will love the train idea they have.

  14. Jungdem,

    It's not infrastructure-is-bad, to say that is being sophistic and simplistic. It's spending on unnecessary, counter-productive, and disastrous infrastructure. Even a busy heavy rail system like Metra in Chicago loses money hand over fist. Once the spurt of federal money to build this monstrosity is over, the operating losses will be massive. And on our backs. Yes to infrastructure like road improvements, airport improvements, etc. No to nonsense like the slow-speed "high speed" train. This thing would be lucky to pull a 40% load factor. Pass.

  15. Funny, everyone seems to have such an opinion on something when the studies weren't even complete. Do you start treatment before you even get your test results? Get grades before the test is completed?

    Still, Kasich kept saying that Federal dollars spent by States (at least when Strickland was in office) was bad. It's terrible. It grows the deficit. Kasich asked for those funds.

    Kasich's opinion was uninformed and hasty. If he approaches the other issues in this state in the same fashion, we'll be paying for it for years and years.

  16. If we had gone forward with the choo-choo, we would have been "paying for it for years and years."

  17. Scarlet,

    Kind of like extending the Bush tax entitlements?

    You guys are nothing more than "do as I say, not as I do."

    All for compassionate conservatism but pull the plug on feeding children and actually helping people keep their heat on while unemployed after jobs got up and left when Kasich voted for NAFTA.

    All against stimulus money for states unless you would get to do what you want with it.

    All against the deficit unless giving the rich more money to NOT spend on creating jobs adds another $900B.

    You're all "taxed enough already" but hands off my Medicare or social security paid for by the under-40 crowd.


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