Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This is how you want to go out? Really?

"He brought jobs to Ohio."

"He made the tough decisions to solve Ohio's budget crisis."

"He gave us the 3-C passenger rail project."
None of those will be Ted Strickland's legacy in Ohio.

So, with nothing else to hang his hat on, this seems to be how Strickland wants to go out...

A whiny, grumpy, old, do-nothing.

The article goes on to quote the Governor...
The Democratic governor also said he is concerned that Kasich's "bombastic rhetoric" could presage an irresponsible approach to governing with the state facing a projected $8 billion budget shortfall.

"I would have less concern if I felt like there was any compassion coming from Mr. Kasich when he talks about what he's going to do," Strickland said. "I don't hear it; I don't sense it; I don't feel it. And that troubles me."
Anyone else see the irony of an outgoing Governor complaining about "bombastic rhetoric" in an article where he spends the entire time throwing bombs at the incoming Governor?

Did Taft do this to Strickland?

Did Celeste give this kind of treatment to Voinovich?

Is this classless and surprisingly childish rhetoric really how Ted Strickland wants to be remembered?

Considering the historic nature of Kasich's victory, I can understand being upset about losing. These kind of wins just don't happen in Ohio.

But ladies and gentlemen, things get even more weird.
Strickland also invoked what he called his "black helicopter theory," a popular reference to conspiracy theories such as the military using black helicopters for clandestine purposes.

In the governor's theory, Kasich and legislative Republicans want to weaken public-employee unions by blaming their pay and benefits for the state's economic woes. The real culprits for the worst recession since the Great Depression, Strickland said, are international forces and failure of the federal government to police greed on Wall Street.

Black helicopters?

Really? That's what you're talking about in your big exit interview with the state media?

To their credit, this was the Kasich team's response...
Kasich's office declined to respond to the governor's comments.
Their restraint is admirable.

Ted Strickland should have wished Kasich well, offered to help however he can, and move on.

That's the dignified thing to do as an outgoing Governor.

But considering how he ran the state into the ground, I can't say I'm all that surprised at how this interview of his turned out.

Goodbye, Governor.


  1. Really pathetic, but why am I not surprised? The personal attacks on Kasich are juvenile. It seems Strickland is more concerned about how Kasich says things rather than the problems facing the State.

    Strickland is in the mold of Carter, Gore, Clinton, etc. who criticize after they leave office.
    They could learn a few things from Bush.

  2. Waaa waaa waaa.

    Can't say it any better than this T-Shirt...


  3. Historic victory?? Historic if by it was the smallest margin in over thirty years?

    Enjoy your pluarlity victory. Strickland is just speaking on behalf of the majority of Ohioans who DIDN'T want John Kasich to be Governor.

    (And he's right.)

  4. Golden Boy Strickland is "Obama's twin" and a he is indeed a sore loser - but still a loser. It smarts because, being of the jackass party, he feels entitled don't you know? So Strickland has compassion? Really? He lost the State of Ohio over 400,000 jobs -- how compassionate! Kasich would have to work overtime to be a worse governor than that. So whine on democrats fewer and fewer people care what you think anymore.


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