Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kasich gets it.

I absolutely love this quote from John Kasich's recent appearance on Fox to discuss budget issues.
"I got elected to be a servant. I did not get elected to get re-elected. I told everyone what I was going to do. I'm going to balance the budget. I'm going to reduce taxes. And I'm going to make Ohio business friendly and competitive with states around the country. Period. Exclamation point."


Now, I know what our friends on the left would say in response.

"Strickland balanced the budget." using billions in one-time federal funding and raising taxes.
"Strickland cut taxes." Actually, only once did Strickland get in the way of the tax cuts that were passed and signed by a previous Administration.
"Strickland made Ohio business friendly." LOLOLOLOL! 

The fact is, John Kasich stands in direct contrast from Governor Strickland.
  • He's not going to use a federal bailout to kick the can down the road.
  • Despite the massive hole left him by Strickland, he's not going to break on the principles of the NTU No New Taxes pledge he signed during the campaign.
  • He won't embrace the status quo.
Now compare that style of leadership with the absolutely devastating editorial hitting Strickland in today's Plain Dealer:
...voters here were also put off by Strickland's failure to anticipate the recession and begin retooling state spending in the way that Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson did before the deluge hit. Had he taken similar steps, Strickland might not have to be so worried about what Gov.-elect John Kasich will do to escape the fiscal crater he inherits. Some real salesmanship might also have built public support for the 3C rail project that Kasich has killed and Strickland now mourns.

What do every one of these failures have in common? Timid leadership. That's what drove Strickland out of office. Maybe some day, he'll look in a mirror and understand.

A New Day can't get here soon enough.


  1. Kasich's first trip to Washington was about him asking for a handout for the State.

    An unanimous Supreme Court today reiterated that what a previous General Assembly does cannot bind future budgets beyond that G.A.'s term. So it WAS Strickland's budgets that truly made the 17% reduction in income tax cuts a reality.

    The Plain Dealer's editorial is riddled with errors. Even the Ohio Chamber of Commerce has admitted that Ohio is going to have to look at higher taxes.

    And Kasich STILL has released NO PLAN!
    Kasich BEGGED Obama to allow him to use the 3C money as one-time money to bail the State out.

  2. Darn that right-wing GOP controlled Plain Dealer!!


  3. Modern does not and can not believe the reality that John Kasich was elected.

    I would hate to wake up every day and realize you lost after acting like you knew the opposite.

    I hope it hurts.

  4. As I watched this, I got this really weird feeling that I haven't felt in awhile....pride. We finally have a governor who is ready to stand up for Ohio, and damn we need him now more than ever.

  5. Um actually, Bytor, the Plain Dealer's editorial board IS mostly made up of conservatives. O'Brien ring a bell?

    How else would a paper endorse a guy who got less than 36% of the vote in their readership?!? LOL.

  6. I know John Kasich was elected. And then he cost the State $400 million in economic development. He then begged the federal government not to do it. He came back from Washington empty handed with no support from John Boehner on the issue.

    He appointed a person with a public corruption conviction to be the Exec. Direct. of his Inaugural. Appointed a bunch of Taft and Voinovich retreads.

    And now is going to cost the State more money for a security detail because his family doesn't want to make the commute from the official Governor's Mansion in Bexley.

    Oh, and he STILL hasn't announced his plans.

    I'm also aware that in public polling he's doing worse than Strickland already.

  7. The PD nails it; Strickland was a timid leader. It's a shame, but not surprising, he chose the status quo of big tax/big government/organized labor instead of making the decisions necessary to reposition State government.

  8. Ahh gee Modern Esquire, I feel your pain. But look at the good side you have 8 years to get used to saying "Governor Kasich". Next loser for the political trash can: Sherrod Brown!

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  10. Yeah, I do like saying it: GOVERNOR Kasich. Thanks Ohio for correcting that 2006 mistake at the ballot box!


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