Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Strickland hates Cleveland. Cleveland responds, "who?"

If Strickland ever considers a rematch with Kasich in 2014, this article in today's Cleveland Plain Dealer won't help.

Strickland says he wants to stay relevant in Ohio politics. Apparently to him, the best way to do that is give his political base the middle finger on the front page of the Plain Dealer.

If you'll recall, the lack of Democratic turnout in Cuyahoga County was a major factor in how the race turned out. So, to be fair, Strickland should be bummed about his lack of support up there.

But he has no one to blame but himself.

I take you back to an article in the Plain Dealer back in February...
Nationally known Democratic strategist Jerry Austin of Cleveland said this ticket will prove what elected officials in Northeast Ohio had suspected all along from the Strickland administration.

"Politicians up here have expressed frustration about the lack of attention from this administration for a while," Austin said. "And now you turn around and there is no one on the ballot from Cuyahoga County. Well, now people think there is absolutely a disregard for Northeast Ohio going on."
Strickland ignored Cuyahoga for four years. Then all of a sudden he's up in arms when they didn't turn out to vote for him.

Well, I hate to say I told ya so, Governor. But I did.

3BP in February...
The vitally important Democratic political activists of Northeast Ohio are clearly unhappy with the Ohio Democratic Party and their slate of statewide candidates.

This kind of frustration, if it can't be turned around quick, will make it extremely difficult for Ted Strickland & Co. to get out the vote in the all-important Democratic bastion of Northeast Ohio.

And it could cost them dearly.


  1. Um, Cuyahoga County had the smallest percentage drop in voter turnout from 2006 to 2010 of any "Democratic" county.

    In an election in which, on average, State turnout dropped 4%, Cuyahoga County dropped less than a percentage. I think like .4%.

    And if you think that Democratic activists associate the Cleveland Plain Dealer with them, well, you've just proven the folly of having a guy who lives in Virginia spout off about things in Ohio he obviously knows nothing about.

  2. So Team Strickland was totally satisfied with voter turnout in Cuyahoga County, eh? Ted hit his goal in number of votes from there?

    Uhuh, Modern. Riiiiight. He came up way short of what he needed in Cuyahoga and everybody knows it.

  3. He actually came up short in Montgomery County, which saw a stagger 14% decrease in turnout since 2006. Also, Hamilton County underperformed as well, I believe.

  4. Who cares? We are rid of the crybaby who left us with an $8 billion budget hole. When Ohio desperately needed a leader, we had Strickland.

  5. Oh yeah Montgomery County... hey guys wonder if it had anything to do with the lost of 30,000 jobs when NCR said bye bye to Dayton couple of years ago? Ted sat in Columbus playing pocket pool. Typical jackass -- oh sorry I meant donkey.


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