Monday, December 13, 2010

Where it begins...

Just how it was for Governor Strickland, John Kasich will be judged in four years based on the state of the state.

Is unemployment down? Are budgets balanced? Are you not selling drugs out of the residence? That kinda thing.

Well, here's another good one. Population.

When people are happy with where they live, they stay. When people hear positive things about a place to move, they go there.

But when things aren't going well, they get the heck out.

Such is Ted Strickland's legacy.

In a new report out from Forbes magazine, Ohio is 3rd in a study of the "top 10 states people are fleeing".

Not only is population loss reflective of the problems facing Ohio, but it's also the cause of new problems into the future - namely, a smaller workforce, decreasing tax revenues, less representation in Congress, and on and on...

This is John Kasich's starting point. Can he improve on the mess imposed on Ohioans via a 'kick the can' approach to problem solving?

Ohioans will get their chance to judge for themselves in less than four years.


  1. Um, so because the State's population loss is projected to be undergoing a massive DECREASE, it's Ted Strickland's fault?

    Apparently, you didn't actual READ the entry for Ohio. Ted Strickland's gotten Ohio through the worst economic crisis we've seen since the Great Depression. Manufacturing jobs are on the rebound, and we're expected to lose a fourth of the residents we've been losing annually.

    By the way, the budget is always balanced. It's required by law.

    Of course unemployment should be lower in four years, we're coming out of a major recession. Absent a double dip, we're seeing all the signs of entering into a strengthening growth cycle.

    John Kasich has nothing to do with that. It's just timing.

  2. "Ted Strickland's gotten Ohio through the worst economic crisis we've seen since the Great Depression." Hahaha please share you drugs with the rest of us.

  3. Not everyone would call slot machines at racetracks, spending our entire rainy day fund and about 7 billion in federal funds a balanced budget, but Modern would.

    And if we have to excuse your predictions about Ted actually running a thoughtful campaign and winning the governor's race because "circumstances changed," then you'll excuse us for waiting to see what the future holds before buying into your current doomsday prophecies.


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