Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chart: We Are Ohio Funding

Here’s an alternate take on the We Are Ohio funding I highlighted back in August. [Update, 10-20-2011 - I missed a number of lines when sifting through data for the previous version, including half a million dollars from SEIU in D.C.! Corrected chart follows.]:

Remember We Are Ohio’s sales pitch – bipartisan, defending the working class, SolidarityTM? Demonstrably false: We Are Ohio is a union front funded predominantly by D.C. unions. That record-breaking petition drive? Purchased at a cost of more than $800,000.

The closer you look, the uglier this picture gets... even if you believe, as government union bosses do, that our taxes should be increased:
In the interest of fairness, ask employees of We Are Ohio’s biggest in-state donor! Better still, take the word of Ohio union bosses themselves:

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  1. Hey lazy, thanks for posting this - again. Next time, I'd like to know exactly who in Ohio is funding the pro sb5 campaign. I know about the secretly funded republican group in Virginia, but I would love to know specifically, what entities in Ohio are funding the support of sb5. Thanks!

  2. Dearest Anonymous: I'll get right on that. I make a point of meeting every request of ill-mannered comment trolls who have no interest in discussing the topic at hand.

  3. Trolling aside, Anonymous does make a good point, you have no problems posting who is funding the anti issue two group, why don't you publish who is funding the pro issue two group?

    Lets be honest, astroturfing happens on both sides of the issue, but you cant complain about one side doing it, while the side you support does the same thing...

  4. MJL, the difference is that We Are Ohio is not credible unless they speak for middle class workers - as they claim to. When you realize We Are Ohio speaks for "the middle class" provided they (A) pay union dues, (B) are public employees, (C) will sacrifice their jobs to avoid pay cuts for tenured workers, and (D) parrot far-left union boss politics... well, that changes things a little.

    It's entertaining that the only "defense" for We Are Ohio is, "but, but, why don't you criticize SB 5 supporters, too?!"

  5. Thats not what I am saying, personally I hate astroturfing in any way shape or form, be it on an issue that I am for, or against. My point was that you can't complain about astroturfing for one side, and then allow it on the side you support. I am still torn on the issue to be totally honest. I don't like police and firefighters being lumped into the same category as teachers and other state workers, but at the same time something has to be done about the teachers unions...this issue isn't black and white for me, just a large shade of grey.

  6. Thank you Jason for your research and pointing out who is funding the "vote no" side. A view from 10,000 feet allows us to see this is less about keeping Ohioans safe and more about mainting union power and the choke hold they have on our pocket books and freedom. More power to the people means smaller government and smaller unions. It would be interesting to see a list of all the union executives and their saleries and benefits. I suspect they would rival wall street executive saleries. Thanks again!


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