Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Where's the grassroots? (Episode 30-something)

We Are Ohio claims to be a "citizen-driven, community-based, bipartisan coalition." We've been showing for months what a laughing stock that statement is. What "We Are Ohio" really is, is a completely union funded effort, using literally millions of out-of-state dollars squeezed from their members.

Today, we see the latest example of union astroturfing.

I'm not sure what a "postitoin" is, but I believe it has something to do with paying people to go around knocking on doors to spread the SEIU's lies.

There is no grassroots effort behind We Are Ohio. Everything they do has massive amounts of union cash behind it. From gathering the signatures to canvassing, the only way they can get people to help them is to PAY them.

Even when they offer free food and entertainment, no one shows up. Even then, they tried to claim 25,000 people attended even though it was clear they were lying.

We have the same question for We Are Ohio that we did months ago. WHERE'S THE GRASSROOTS?

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  1. I've been canvassing and getting petition signings for free. As have most the people in my community. The fact that they use some paid canvassers doesn't mean all canvassing is paid. Get a clue.

    I think sitting on a double digit lead in favor of repeal, we all know there's grass roots opposition to Issue 2.

    Where's the grassroots support FOR Issue 2? Nowhere. They're entire reliant on corporate donations, much of which is likely coming from out of the State.


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