Friday, October 14, 2011

Legal Experts Find No Fault with "Life or Death" Ad

When Building a Better Ohio released the "Life or Death" ad it threw liberals into a fury.  Their outrage and controversy wasn't a claim that the ad was inaccurate.  Instead, "We Are Ohio" and their union backers argued that the use of footage from their own ad was unlawful.  They threatened stations that running the ad could leave them legally liable and even "cause the loss of a station's license".

But legal experts have now weighed in, and they say Building a Better Ohio had every right to use footage from the "Zoey" ad:
Professors at Ohio State University Moritz College of Law say the woman thrust herself into the public debate by appearing in the ad, making her a “limited-use” public figure.

That gives groups the right to use her image in relevant advertising. 
I have to believe "We Are Ohio" had their own legal experts telling them essentially the same thing, so why the threats and hysterics over the ad? As has been true from day 1, they don't want you to know the truth about Issue 2.

One of the left's favorite arguments against Issue 2 has been that its passage would adversely impact the ability of safety forces to do their jobs.  What makes the "Life or Death" ad so effective is that it shows the exact opposite is true.  Local governments need Issue 2's reforms to rein in costs without being forced to lay off the employees who protect us.

Marlene Quinn entered the public debate on Issue 2 telling Ohioans about how firefighters saved her great-granddaughter.  She's rightly concerned for their safety and the safety of all, but what the "Life or Death" ad shows is that the real danger lies in maintaining the status quo.

See the ad liberals have so desperately fought to keep off the air,

then go out and Vote Yes on Issue 2.


  1. What unnamed sources said it was fine? Too bad all those television stations have lawyers too. And they concluded the ad should not air because it was fundamentally dishonest and deception. 30 of them. So many, the Building a Better Ohio campaign finally had to pull it altogether because it will causing them to be off the air most of this week.

    Spin, spin, spin. That's all you do. No facts and no moral decency. Better Ohio didn't prove the opposite was true, it just claimed it was.

    Why are local governments under pressure to fire fire fighters? According to the Dispatch's own Ad watch on this very ad, it's because of Kasich's budget, not union benefits.

    There's your real facts. Congratulations on defending the misrepresentation of a great-grandmother in the name of your cause. This site just keeps go lower and lower.

  2. What Modern doesn't seem to understand is that we are out of money.

    Modern's whine that the cities are struggling because of Kasich's budget simply demonstrates his ignorance.

    The state has no money to give the cities. Jobs have fled, productive people have fled and Ohio is increasingly faced with the fact that the tax eaters are getting fat while the tax payers are getting shafted.

    Parasites generally cannot help themselves. They will gorge until the host organism is dead. That's Modern's plan: turn America into Greece as quickly as possible.

    I wonder how he sleeps at night.



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