Monday, October 24, 2011

OEA Member Attacks Workers!

OEA employees on strike, summer 2010. Written on the middle striker's sign: "Because OEA sucks!"
The fight over Senate Bill 5 isn’t the first time government unions have leaned on emotion and hyperbole to get their way. Sometimes the tactic is turned against the Ohio Education Association (OEA) itself… by the union’s employees!

In a fun case of unionized union staff trumping the Solidarity FistTM powers of union bosses, OEA employees highlighted quotes from Ohio teachers despairing over an expiring union contract. This is one example from an August 28, 2009 post on an official OEA staff blog:
Here in Springboro, my members would be agast [sic] to learn that their union, the OEA, is not willing to bargain with its own union workers in a manner that reflects the willingness to practice-what-it preaches.
Whoa there, Springboro teacher – suggesting that OEA bosses don’t meet their own standards is no good! This is the sort of criticism that results in Issue 2 supporters being slandered for months on end.

Are OEA bosses worse managers than the elected officials they demonize, or is this sort of rhetoric just business as usual for government unions? Either way, taxpayers have no reason to believe We Are Ohio’s biggest in-state donor when it comes to the reforms in Issue 2.

On November 8, help rein in the union bosses who promise the moon from taxpayer funds but suddenly clam up when it comes to their own: Vote Yes on Issue 2!

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  1. Jason,

    You continue to drone on about a ten-day strike like this is the greatest point in the history of political debates.

    Seriously, haven't you beaten this rhetorical point to death? You apparently support the right of OEA's employees to collective bargain and strike, but not OEA members. We get it, you're a hypocrite, let's move on.

  2. Modern misses the point as usual. OEA's own employees have exposed how cynical and power hungry OEA actually is. They took away the mask.

    If OEA's own workers can't trust OEA, why should Ohio voters trust what they say about Issue 2?

    It really isn't that difficult, Modern.

  3. Jason, you are lazy.

  4. Readers, if you're wondering why Modern is all tangled up over the strike against OEA - mentioned in passing - but he ignores the flagrant hypocrisy of Ohio's largest public union, it's because Modern is a pathetic union shill.

  5. Ahhh the childish name calling...
    OEA workers wanted better pay and better benefits. They went on strike to get it because that's one of the tools the law gives them. As a result, they were able to negotiate a better deal.

    And now Jason has gone months scouring comments on a blog about a ten-day strike and trying to spin it into anti-union gold to explain why the actual members of OEA should lose their right to strike in bargaining.

    I'm not the one tangled up on this Jason, you're the one who can't seem to get it.

    If OEA didn't let their employees unionize, or privatized them or whatever, you'd have a point. Instead they had their employees go on a ten-day strike until they worked out a better deal. So what? Move on. Surely, you've got a better case for Issue 2 than this. Maybe not since it's all you can write about.


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