Friday, October 28, 2011

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District needs reform, not union chanting

Cleveland's schools are facing a $13 million deficit. Because of this, the district is forced to make cuts to pre-school, sports and textbooks.

But worry not, the Cleveland teachers union has a solution to these cuts.

Issue 2 will help Ohio schools deal with rapidly rising costs. Vote YES.


  1. Costs isn't Cleveland Public School District's problem. Kasich's budget is. Don't believe me? It's been in the Dispatch's "Ad Watch" feature.

  2. Costs are the problem everywhere, Modern. And so has been declining revenue for the state.

    Strickland balanced the budget with "stimulus" money from Uncle Barack, that he borrowed from China.

    Kasich had to make cuts to balance the budget. It's state law, you know.

  3. Not sure what Modern is talking about. The video says they'd have a surplus if they cutback a little bit on things like longevity pay.

    Or is longevity pay more important than textbooks?


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