Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ohio Republicans: the Swing State Straw Poll is this Saturday!

3BP readers don't need to be told how important Ohio is in the electoral college, especially to Republicans.  Iowa is now famous for its straw poll, but as critical as Ohio is to any Republican running for president, shouldn't Ohio also have an early say?  The Franklin County Republican Party agreed, and has organized the first ever presidential straw poll in Ohio.

The Swing State Straw Poll will be held this Saturday at the Ohio State University student union from 1:00-2:30.  The cost to attend and cast your vote is only $25.  You can register at the website here.

In case you haven't heard, our presidential primary might be pushed back to the summer, because of the Ohio Democratic Party's incessant abuse of Ohio's referendum system after voters sent them packing last November.  If that happens, we would be the second to last state to hold a primary, likely having no say in the nominating process.  So, this may be our only chance to make an impact.

Most of the 3BP crew will be there, and we hope to see you, too.


  1. I am a regular devotee of this and other blogs and a news junkie...yet this is the first I've heard about it!
    I will not be attending, and I doubt many will...why is the Ohio Republican Party so disorganized? I know this is being done by Franklin County, makes me think that ORPINO has their candidate already chosen and will use this outcome as justification to move the primary to benefit that candidate.

  2. Santorum-Cain 2012!

  3. JCW: if the primary gets moved, its because of the Dems refusal to accept that last November's election had any consequences. Moving our primary to 2nd to last doesn't benefit the ORP at all. It would weaken their influence on the nomination, not strengthen it.

    We've all had our frustrations with the ORP at times, but they were not involved with this event.

  4. I wasn't as concerned about the primary date as I was with the straw poll being haphazardly publicized. I know the Dems unwillingness to accept redistricting changed the playing field for Congressional elections, but how would that affect the Presidential nomination? If there is the need to keep Ohio legislature primaries in March, why not the Presidential?
    In 2008 we had little choice by the time it reached Ohio and I think some in the ORP would like to keep it that way.


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