Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ohio Dems and unions: Watch the AWESOME

A couple of weeks ago, the Ohio Democratic Party invited their supporters to come out for a major free event to show their grassroots power in opposition to Senate Bill 5.
Join the Ohio Democratic Party and thousands of other Ohioans for the Stand Up for Ohio festival on Saturday, August 20 from noon until dusk at the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus. This free festival will feature music from Grand Funk Railroad, The Ohio Players, and Over the Rhine. It’ll also have poetry from Ohio’s own Nikki Giovanni.
Oooo poetry! Yes, when I think of union gatherings, I think POETRY! (What's that poem they recite about "union busting?")

And look who they got to promote the event!

Yes, who better to promote an event to "fight for the American dream" than self-proclaimed communist Van Jones!

This event was going to be so big, that they created a website for it called "Bring Awesome Back!"
They implored people on their Facebook page to get out and show their solidarity:
Ok, all eyes will be on Ohio on Saturday. Kasich is giving the national response to the President about what a great job he is doing in Ohio. Media is still chasing the phony 'negotiations' charade. We can change the narrative with a massive turnout tomorrow...but only if YOU show up. Get up, stand up...at the state fairgrounds noon to dusk.
The folks over at GOHP Blog checked in on how massive the turnout was.
So when they opened the gates, supporters poured in by the bus loads, right? Well, maybe one really short bus:
And that’s their own photograph. Just to make sure we weren’t missing something, we tuned into their live web feed as well:

This is the support they receive? This is their united front? There’s more of an audience at local garage band concerts.

Looks like Ohioans are realizing We Are Ohio isn’t really something worth showing up for, let alone Standing Up with.

What an embarrassment. Where are the grassroots? Why didn't thousands of Ohioans fill the fairgrounds? Come on people, they had poetry!

What's even more embarrassing than that? Claiming that the event drew, get this, 25,000 people.

Well, some big names DID show up at the rally. Here's Ted Strickland, still drawing the huge crowds he did during the campaign last year.

Of all of their photos, this one shows the most people.

Remember, they posted these photographs. Go view their entire album and try to believe that 25,000 were there. Looks more like 250.

Ohio Dems. Bringing back awesome!


  1. Doesnt matter, its Issue 2 is still gonna go down like the Titanic...

  2. Yeah, right anonymous, Whaddayou nostradamus over here or what?

    it is all about GOTV and this rally clearly indicates a significant lack of enthusiasm. That doesn't bode well for the union thugs' side on this great debate.

    Perhaps the people of Ohio will make the right choice and close off the bleeding wound that is the union influence on the government.

    if not, oh well, we'll lose a couple more house seats and the only people left in the state will be sucking on the public nipple. How great will that be?

  3. Just reading the poll results that state that 50% are in favor of repealing the bill, while only 39% support it. Numbers are numbers. You can use facts to prove anything. Truth be told, I voted for Kasich, but the reality is that this bill was done in bad faith. Had he done this bill right with negotiation, rather than ramrodding it through, this wouldn't be happening...

  4. So you don't know the attendance?

  5. Yeah, nothing spells lack of enthusiasm like 1.3 million people pushing for a referendum. Nice spin by 3rd rate politics

  6. Hey, the number of supporters at least outnumbers the number of jobs created by jobsohio.

  7. The attendance figures?

  8. Yes, anonymous. There really were 25,000 people there. They were just hiding.

    *pats head*

    Run along now, scamp!

  9. So you are saying you don't have any idea what the attendance figures are?

  10. Anyone can tell there weren't even 2,500 there, never mind 25,000. Pictures don't lie.

  11. I see that you have yet to find out the attendance figures for the event.

  12. I see that you have yet to realize that the figures were already announced to be 25,000 by Stand Up Ohio.

    We'll let people decide on their own whether that number is even close to credible.

  13. So you admit you have no idea what the attendance was.

  14. notice that the one anon poster can't state the attendance figures.

    So anon, how many people showed up? Remember the old adage: better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    So show us what a fool you are and state, right here, that there were 25,000 people at the rally.

    Go ahead. Make my day.

  15. I don't pass myself off as someone who purportedly writes factual information through a blog and twitter account.

    The research burden is on your end since you are making claims no one showed up. By not stating actual attendance figures, and instead claiming knowledge of how attendance turned out for an all-day event based on three pictures you found online shows you to be an idealogue who can't actually report things or research information.


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