Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A call to action for Jennifer Brunner

Ms. Brunner,

Kyle Sisk, when discussing the 60,000 illegals that obtained drivers licenses via Ted Strickland Administration, recently asked, "how many of these 60,000 people who have & are committing fraud by driving illegally actually voted in last November's election and who did they vote for???"

A fair question.

While I understand your desire to avoid all things relevant to your office :cough...HUSTED...cough:, this issue raises serious questions about voting rights in the great State of Ohio.

Ms. Brunner, do your job. Investigate this issue.

DJ Tablesauce

UPDATE: As an all-too-hate-filled commenter pointed out, it's "plates", not "licenses". Whoops. My response? So what? That doesn't change anything. Kyle Sisk's question stands.... how many of these 60k illegals, all of which have proven to be willing to go to significant efforts to commit fraud, voted? As Secretary of State, Brunner has a responsibility to investigate. Hell, it may even pay-off politically for her as it distances her from the poison that is Ted Strickland and this issue.

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  1. Boy are you one stupid, knuckledragging, mouth breather. The Guzman/Strickland scandal is about 60,000 cars registered to illegals. They obtained license plates fraudulently, not drivers licenses.

    Why don't you actually read what is going on before sharing your brilliant commentary next time?


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