Thursday, September 3, 2009

A quick thought on Obama's new health care strategy...

With word of Obama's address to the joint session of Congress next week, the President is starting his reboot of the health care debate by "re-envisioning" his plan. He is doing so with the belief that those opposed to the plan have a substantive understanding of its intricacies.

They don't.

At this point, much of the venom we are seeing is steered at a government who wants too much control of our lives, and using specific tools(like "death panels") to call attention to that issue.

And even worse for Obama, this national protest has been going on for well over a month and has ingrained itself into the national collective of GOPers and rational independents.

By re-imagining his HC plan, Obama will change very little, if any, of the tide that has turned against him.

It's too late, and Obama is only delaying the inevitable...

Either a completely washed down version of HC reform, even moreso than what he is about to reintroduce, or none at all.

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