Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tim Pawlenty is realllllllllyyyy running for President.

Lately, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has had the kind of ambitious schedule that would make Mitt Romney blush.

In the presidential politics game, it's vital to get out ahead and develop mutually beneficial relationships. Tim Pawlenty has been doing just that.

Check it out.
  • In early August, Pawlenty was the only potential '12 candidate to speak at the RNC meeting in San Diego.
  • On August 22nd, he appeared at the Florida GOP's annual fundraising dinner.
  • Last week he was in New Jersey campaigning with GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie.
  • This week he is spending a couple days with Bob McDonnell and his campaign here in Virginia.
  • Next week he will be back home headlining the Ohio GOP's Leading Ohio dinner and tomorrow will be conducting a health care tele-town hall with John Kasich.
While Pawlenty clearly will continue to lag for some time behind Romney in polls about 2012, he is currently out-hustling Romney when it comes to what is most important 2-3 years out - relationships.

If Romney wants to be considered the heir apparent to the nomination, he can't continue to let Pawlenty pull momentum among the GOP elite.

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