Thursday, September 3, 2009

Strickland and misplaced priorities

6 days.

That's how long it took Ted Strickland to find a replacement for former Director of Public Safety Henry Guzman.

And yet Ohio still waits for this same Governor to name someone....ANYONE... as the new Director of Development.

The interim director is a lifelong bureaucrat that has been in the position for over 100 days and has seen unemployment increase by 17% under her watch.

Yet, Governor Strickland says he is "satisfied" with her performance.

Really, Governor?

If you are as satisfied as you claim to be, why hasn't "interim" been stripped from her title?

As State Senator Jimmy Stewart wrote last week:
...the long-term solution to Ohio’s budget woes is not through expanded gambling, but efforts to improve the state’s business climate, attract investment and bring jobs to our local communities. It is time the governor shows Ohio families, businesses and workers that he is truly serious about improving our state’s economy by appointing a permanent director of the Department of Development.

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