Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ted laughs at the idea of condemning Democrat corruption in Cleveland

All you need to see is the first few seconds of this video to get an understanding of what Ted Strickland thinks about standing up for an ethical government...

Strickland, Brown won't call for resignations in Cuyahoga County corruption probe


Especially when you consider the latest in the case:
Timothy J. Armstrong, 65, will likely face at least three years in prison after admitting he helped distribute $1.3 million in kickbacks to Russo and a Russo aide in exchange for contracts to perform commercial appraisals for the county.
What else do you need, Governor?

For pete's sake, as leader of the Ohio Democratic Party and Governor you should at least ask him to step down from his position of authority while these charges are reviewed.

It makes you wonder what is motivating the Governor to refrain from such an obvious tactical move.


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