Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Governor Who?

The Cincy Enquirer had a lengthy article back last week entitled 'Jobs Aren't Coming Back'.

It went into great detail about Ohio's job crisis, the unemployment rate, the underemployed, and, of course, jobs that have left and aren't returning to the state.

The article also goes into detail about some of the potential solutions to the problem and quotes Sherrod Brown discussing his ideas.

But in the 1,688 words within the article, Ohio's Governor isn't mentioned once.

Not once.

Sadly, it says a lot that a featured article on the number one issue facing Ohioans doesn't even consider Ted Strickland.

Why? Well, it could be a number of reasons; his lack of ideas, his total lack of desire to address the crisis, his 'hide under the desk and hope it goes away' strategy of governing during his first three years.

Now one would think that if the media perceived that Ted Strickland had a plan to solve the job crisis, that they would address it in this article.

But they don't.

And that says a lot.

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  1. I've been saying this since Gov. Mulligan was elected: "I doubt that 3/4 of Ohioans even know who he is, and that includes 2/3 of those that voted for him.

    His rocking-in-a-fetal-position management style wrought everything that was expected and warned about.

    Oh what might have been.


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