Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is the GOP starting to lose momentum on stimulus messaging?

One of the primary messages that led us to the amazing showing of citizen activism in August was the unified voice of GOP leadership highlighting the failure that is the nearly trillion dollar stimulus package.

In July, Rasmussen had only 25% of all Americans believing the stimulus had a positive impact. That meant 75% believed it had a negative impact, no impact, or didn't know. All are positive for GOP messaging.

However, since then, this positive impact number has trended up each month. Up to 33% last month and to 36% this month.

While the focus is bound to turn away from the stimulus, it still is the one signature item of Obama's domestic agenda that has actually been implemented and one that should be a major point of debate in the 2010 elections. It's essential that the electorate maintain an understanding of its inefficiencies and failures.

Stay on target, everyone.

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