Sunday, November 1, 2009

8 days.

That's how long it took us to learn about yet another ethically corrupt, criminal, or deviant crony of Ted Strickland's administration.

On the 23rd, it was John Francis, Governor Strickland's deputy at the Ohio Department of of Health, who couldn't keep his hands to himself and was eventually pushed out after numerous sexual harassment complaints were filed.

But the 9th Strickland crony is a different animal.

Rather than getting pushed out, he was welcomed in with open arms.

No, really.
Michael Billirakis, the former Ohio teachers-union chief convicted of ethics violations while on the State Teachers Retirement System board, has a new state job.

The School Employees Health Care Board hired Billirakis, 63, of Pickerington, as its executive director. He started the $112,000-a-year job Wednesday.
While not a direct hire by Strickland, without question the Governor had the political capital to have rejected the hire.

And he did nothing.

Considering the corrupt and unethical image the Strickland Administration has quickly developed over the past year, the lack of action by the Governor is surprising.

The Terrible List of Nine:
Frankie Coleman
John Lang
Helen Jones-Kelley
Eric "The Pimp" McFadden
Mark Barbash
Michael Dolan
Henry Guzman
John Francis
and now...
Michael Billirakis

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