Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I know some folks who need dropkicked.

Sure, I have my disagreements with liberals and other assorted left wingers.

But these folks? These folks need dropkicked.

Who dresses up on Halloween and taunts children of military families with stories about dying in war?

How does that progress your cause?

Here's Code Pink at their worst:

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  1. Why should we shield children from reality? Do you believe the lies Bush told made him an appropriate role model for children?

    If so, I beg to differ.

    War is morbid, dark and eerie (like Halloween). War is bloody and horror-ridden while people kill and perpetuate death. War leaves thousands deaf, blind, psychologically scared and physically disabled for life.

    Should we lie to children? The answer is "no" !! Everyone should know the truth of war, even kids.


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