Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gubernatorial candidate linked to Wall Street greed, corruption, and crime

Recently dug up records have found Governor Ted Strickland has had a longtime association with a contributor that has quite a history on Wall Street.

Alan J. Roth, a lobbyist and partner at Lent, Scrivner & Roth LLC, has a record of contributions to Ted Strickland that reach back over ten years.

But who, pray tell, is Alan J. Roth?

Well, it just so happens that for years Mr. Roth and his firm served as Bernie Madoff's primary lobbyist in Washington D.C.

Need a refresher on Bernie Madoff? This should help:

Now, clearly by accepting thousands of dollars in payment from Bernie Madoff, Mr. Roth benefitted from the worst Ponzi scheme of all time. And according to all records we've seen, that's a-ok with Ted Strickland.

How do we know? Despite Roth's close association with Madoff, there is no record of Strickland returning the cash contributed by Roth or any word of the Governor giving the money to a charity, or the like.

In addition, Ohio Democrats Steve Driehaus and Mary Jo Kilroy have also benefited from Roth's contributions.

Is accepting these contributions illegal? Of course not. But if Strickland is happy to embrace a relationship as this one, one has to wonder how he has the courage to attack Kasich for his work at Lehman.

Resources: Roth Client List; Roth Contributions

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