Monday, November 9, 2009

The Too-Little, Too-Late Governor

In a statement all too symbolic of his entire term as Governor, Ted Strickland recently came out against Issue 3.

Yes, I know it already won.

Ohio’s governor and members of the horse racing industry are concerned that voters’ recent approval of casinos in four cities will hurt the state’s already struggling racetracks, which employ about 12,000.
Ya know, Governor, this concern would have been more effectively shared with Ohioans before they supported it by less than 200,000 votes last week.

Instead, you're late to the party and hiding from controversy.



Now here's 3BP's recommendation: worry less about racetracks, worry more about bringing jobs back to Ohio.


  1. You must've missed it.

    He was against Issue 3 as early as October 12, maybe earlier.

  2. Oh, I know he was against it.

    But for someone who was as concerned as he now seems to be, he was awfully quiet. No ads. No press conferences.

    Just - "I'm going to vote no on it."

    Strickland seems happy being in the background. If he really felt this issue would be damaging to Ohio, why wasn't he at the forefront, leading the fight?

    This only encourages the reputation of a leader without leadership qualities.

  3. Ohhh sounds like someones got some kissing up to do to the race track owners...


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