Thursday, November 5, 2009

Only takes five dollars to make her hollar. She gets paid to do the wild thing.

"You resign."

"No, you resign."

"No, YOU resign!"

"No, YOU!!!!"

The Ohio Democratic Party has devolved into a 6th grade Student Council over $5.
Athens' top Democrat rejected the state chairman's call for her resignation yesterday, asserting that he should resign instead.

Chris Redfern, chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, released a statement yesterday asking County Chairwoman Susan Gwinn to leave, after a series of local controversies stirred up statewide interest. Redfern has spoken out against Gwinn for years; for running against incumbent Dave Warren for the county prosecutor seat, for her felony indictment and, most recently, for her involvement with an Ohio University College Democrats ploy to pay students who bring friends to vote

"I was saddened to hear the latest chapter in what has been a long series of questionable actions on the part of Susan Gwinn during her time as Athens County Democratic Party Chairwoman," he said in the statement. "For the good of the Party, I ask that she resign from her position effective immediately."

Gwinn said she's not moving.

"Frankly, I think he should resign," she said.

On top of it all, this story will now be seen on every hotel room's doorstep across America. Check it out.

More on the mess can be found on Athens Runaway.

h/t: OU student Colton Henson for his work on this.

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