Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our President, the legal scholar.

Andy McCarthy from NRO hits a home run with his analysis of yet another Obamateurism:
In a meeting with the press in China, President Obama said that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed would be "convicted" and had "the death penalty applied to him" . . . and then said he wasn't "pre-judging" the case. He made the second statement after it was pointed out to him — by NBC's Chuck Todd — that the first statement would be taken as the president's interfering in the trial process. Obama said that wasn't his intention. I'm sure it wasn't — he's trying to contain the political damage caused by his decision — but that won't matter. He has given the defense its first motion that the executive branch, indeed the president himself, is tainting the jury pool. Nice work.
And Bush was the dumb one.

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  1. You are correct.

    Bush was THE dumb one who, with help from a crafty administration and a Republican congress, plundered everything they could for all their buddies.

    They left the crumbs and the debt for everyone else to figure out.

    Bush is dumb, a dupe and he was a figure head for others. He deserves no praise or positive recognition. He, or more correctly, his cronies bankrupted our country and killed hundreds of thousands of people in the process.


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