Monday, November 16, 2009

Yost steps up.

This evening, Ohio Attorney General candidate Dave Yost was nice enough to comment on my earlier post about Richard Cordray's decision to use the tax dollars of Ohioans to pay for the defense of former employees of the state in the Joe the Plumber case.

He states:
The statute specifically says that the AG "shall not" provide representation if he finds one of the four disqualifying factors -- initially, or any time thereafter. That's why I called today for him to reverse his decision. He can, and he should.
Yost is right.

Republicans can't simply attack Cordray on this issue simply because he's using taxpayer dollars. They need to use the law to explain why Cordray's decision is improper.

And Yost does.

To read more from Yost on the issue, click here.

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