Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ohio Libraries and Ted Strickland: The Damage Has Been Done

Over the summer, Ted Strickland came under fire from supporters of libraries(and reallly, what kind of weirdo doesn't support libraries) for proposing a massive cut of their funding to the tune of $84.3 million.

After a massive swell of grassroots opposition, Strickland relented a bit and the cut currently stands to be closer to $66.7 million.

But after some research, 3BP has determined that these cuts don't come without a price to taxpayers.

Upon learning of these cuts, 29 tax levies were voted upon this fall throughout the state to compensate for the shortage of state funding. In other words, rather than using state taxpayer dollars, libraries were going to need to use your local tax dollars.

29 tax levies.

For comparison's sake, that's 81% more library levies than were proposed 4 years ago.

In other words, Ted Strickland caused one hell of a mess, and left it up to local governments to clean up.

That's leadership?

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