Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 years

9/11/2001 to our generation is the equivalent to previous milestone American events like Pearl Harbor and the JFK assassination. We will probably be repeating these types of remarks and recollections for many years to come on this day on the calendar.

Sometimes to me it seems repetitive, and that we say the same things every year, but that's OK. I think its part of the healing process, and it also ensures that we never forget neither the horrors of that day, nor the heroism that we witnessed.

Courtesy of Marc Kovac from Ohio Capital Blog, here is a short video of remarks that Governor Kasich made this morning amid the sprawling field of flags representing those we lost.

Shaky video courtesy Ohio Capital Blog


  1. I almost always disagree with you guys, but today is a day where we should all set aside our politics and just think about those who lost their lives on that day. I will go back to disagreeing with you all tomorrow :)I'm just glad that I am part of a country where we can express our discourse.

    Have a good day


  2. See not all of us liberals are crazy, godless heathens...LOL



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