Monday, September 10, 2012

Sherrod Brown: Unemployment creates jobs

Some stuff you just can't make up.

Sherrod Brown proves it often with his complete lack of understanding of how an economy actually works. I suppose when your understanding of economics is based on a degree in Russian studies and listening to union bosses, statements such as "Everybody knows that government creates jobs" should be expected, but they are still jaw-dropping to actually hear come out of the mouth of a supposedly educated man.

The Sherrod quote we have for you today is no different. We are never surprised to hear such nonsense come from him, but are still shocked nonetheless, probably because of how it shows a complete lack of common sense.

In 2010, Sherrod Brown said that extending unemployment benefits is what creates jobs. Not tax cuts.
"There is no real history illustrating that these tax cuts for the rich result in jobs. It's extending unemployment benefits that creates economic activity that creates jobs, not giving a millionaire an extra ten or twenty or $30,000 in tax cuts that they likely won't spend," Brown said.
Did you hear that, Ohio?

More unemployment benefits means more jobs. I hope he uses that in a campaign ad, when he isn't using anti-Semitic language against his Jewish opponent that is.

Sherrod Brown is an embarrassment and he is far far too extreme to the left to represent a center-right swing state like Ohio. Please join me in supporting Josh Mandel to replace him. Go to Josh's website and sign up for a yard sign and to volunteer now.


  1. With my Ruby Red Slippers. “There's no place like the Senate ..Josh Mandel Josh Mandel Josh Mandel."

    1. Remember Jane, just like with Dorothy....

      it was all a dream.


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