Wednesday, September 5, 2012

From "You didn't build that" to "we all belong to the government"

You know, it used to be that Democrats took great pains to hide their inner socialist. Not moonbat liberals like Dennis Kucinich, Code Pink, or even the Plunderpals for that matter, but Democrats who actually wanted to get elected. Those wiser folks privately have always believed that profits are bad, success must be punished and that more government is the answer to every societal problem, but they didn't dare speak it.

Not anymore.

Obama Democrats seem to think its a good thing to tell business owners that, of course, they weren't the ones responsible for building a successful business that provides job. No, it takes a village to build a business.

Now we have a new one. "We all belong to the government."

I like these new Democrats. I hope they keep saying out loud what they really believe.


  1. Special news reporting live at the DNC Convention. Hi there. It's Bill Clinton. I'm here at NC Antiques Shop with Ted Strickland. No, we're not for sale. We're shouting out that Barack Obama created private sector green jobs right here, right this term.

  2. You still have your old one....

    "Obama's a socialist".


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