Friday, September 28, 2012

Media picks up on 3BP story about Bellefontaine Mayor

Earlier this week, some additional media outlets followed up on our story about Bellefontaine mayor Adam Brannon, who has decided to only work a part time job and depend on government assistance to feed his children.

Here is an interview I did with Maggie Thurber who was guest hosting on WSPD in Toledo.

I need to make a correction to my statement. At the time of this interview, Brannon's second child was due any day, and was not yet born. My apologies for the mistake.

WSYX in Columbus also contacted us about the story. Below is the web report and video as broadcast.

Website story


  1. 1. They've not done what's best for the family. He's the one choosing to treat a part-time mayoral job as full-time.

    2. He's not sorry that he posted his feelings on Facebook. He's only sorry that he got caught.

  2. Based solely on chin count I would guess that food is not a problem in the mayors house.


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