Monday, September 10, 2012

"You Didn't Build That" Explained

There's been a lot made of President Obama's remarks to American business owners that they somehow "didn't build" their businesses.  Words taken for what they mean--and as has been argued here--the president basically told business owners that they weren't responsible for any success they might have.

Of course, the President and his liberal buddies would have you believe it was an innocent comment.

Since the left can't seem to understand why Obama's words were so wrong, a new video breaks it down to a level even a child could comprehend:

At the end of the day, no matter what Obama "meant" by his words, what he said was an insult not only to American business owners, but to the American way of life: that through hard work, you can achieve anything.

Of course, given Obama's background, perhaps he doesn't understand that either.


  1. Thanks so much GOHP for the article and the video.
    Small business owners need to know we are not alone.
    Josh Mandel Josh Mandel Josh Mandel


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