Thursday, September 27, 2012

More of Obama's entitlement nation in Ohio

Why should you vote for Barack Obama? Because he gives free phones.

"Keep Obama in President, you know?" I'm betting she's a Plunderbund reader.

I weep for my nation.

Update: these aren't real protesters. They are being paid $11 an hour to be there by the SEIU thugs. Pathetic.

Check out the SEIU thug intelligence on the brilliant sign at about 1:35. "Mitt Romey suck's". Complete with apostrophe.


  1. You should have to pass an intelligence test before you can vote. These people demonstrate why!!

  2. It's so obvious she's a plant. . .too bad we couldn't see her SEIU t-shirt (like the rest of her fellow protestors).

    And yet, we are sorry to say that there are too many people in NE OH who actually think this way and will vote for BHO because of what they perceive "HE" gives them when in fact, it's you and me who pay for those phones, not Barack Hussein Obama.

    Sometimes, you just can't fix stupid!

  3. 11 dollars an hour and a free cellphone! Why the hell do I go to work every morning and bust my A** when Obama will give it all to me for nothing!

    1. Because you have pride, RamboMan! Because you value standing upon your own two feet and making your way in the world on your own terms. Because you ask for assistance only when fate has dealt you a severe set of circumstances.

      This woman doesn't realize that the cellular telephone she clutches is not the gift she thinks it is. In time it will turn to dust.


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