Thursday, September 20, 2012

Betty Sutton: Nancy Pelosi's little Ohio puppet

Congresswoman Betty Sutton is Ohio's version of Nancy Pelosi. In fact, she's really a Pelosi wannabe. She has voted with her 99% of the time. When Nancy says "Jump, Betty!", instead of asking how it will affect Ohio, Betty's only response is "How high!? Tell me what to do, Nancy!"

  • Sutton voted for the failed stimulus bill
  • She voted for cap and trade, which would destroy Ohio's coal industry
  • She voted for Obamacare and it's massive new taxes
  • She even voted for the union bosses' dream of card check, which would strip workers of the private ballot and open them up to union thug intimidation.
Watch this new ad that highlights Betty Sutton's voting record.

Even more fun, thanks to the Congressional Leadership Fund, you can pretend to be Nancy Pelosi and pull Betty's strings!

That's pretty much exactly how she works! Betty doesn't turn to her constituents for guidance on how to vote. She calls Nancy to get her extreme, left-wing progressive marching orders. You can also view Betty Puppet, oops...I mean Sutton, at CLF's website here.

Jim Renacci, on the other hand, is a self-made business owner who is fighting for us in Congress to cut the deficit and free Ohio business from the taxation and regulation that Nancy and Betty have burdened them with over the years. Their districts were drawn together after the 2010 census.

Help support Jim by visiting his website and getting involved to help kick Betty out of congress.


  1. I thought this was about Tim Ryan. Just substitute the name, you could have the same ad.

  2. We have seen this ad on TV multiple times now and think it's right on point. . .Betty Sutton does not work for OHIO! But then again, who in the Dem party ever does work for their constituents (unless they are trying to force them into their vision of the "nanny" state?)

  3. And Lil' Josh isn't a puppet?

  4. Gee, brave anonymous commenter, aren't you brilliant! Since Josh Mandel has never been in Congress, how are you even beginning to make a comparison? Or are you just revealing your stupidity?

    I'd stay anonymous, too, if I was a twerp like you mocking a United States Marine. He could probably kill you with his bare hands in about 5 seconds flat. "Lil' Josh" indeed.


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