Saturday, June 6, 2009


Well, I'm back in Columbus this weekend and grabbing lunch with some old political hack friends of mine has already yielded juicy Ohio political gossip exclusive to 3BP.

Rumor is that former Senator Mike DeWine very recently filed with the Secretary of State to run for Ohio Attorney General.

Somewhere, the Cordray family is weeping.

While we're fans of current GOP AG hopeful Dave Yost, unfortunately his candidacy faced the steepest hill to climb among GOP statewide candidates next year. DeWine running gives the GOP a great shot at retaking the office.

With DeWine joining the statewide slate, it's safe to say the Ohio GOP has done a great job of recruiting top notch talent to run on John Kasich's coattails. I kid I kid.


But seriously, with Kasich, Portman, Taylor, Mandel, Husted, and DeWine, ORP Chairman Kevin DeWine has put together a solid slate of GOP candidates that all have a solid chance to win next November.

Thanks for lunch, fellas. It was fun.


  1. Well, this should be interesting, if true. Linked it at the new site I am developing. I agree Mike DeWine is a good fit for that spot.

  2. With all due respect, I couldn't disagree more. Looks like we will lose two big seats next year. (1) "I love Hugging Ted," Husted and (2) "Lost in a landslide with $17 million, to a fricking communist," DeWine.

    I spent too many years drinking the ORP kool-aid. Luckily, I didn't die with the rest of the party...

    DeWine has not earned the right to be crammed down our throats as another candidate b/c he's having troubling going guietly into the good night of retirement; and Husted should be exiled to Michigan b/c of the seats he could have helped save last year with his money but didn't. If that were anyone else besides Kevin DimWit's drinking buddy, they would be cast out of the party.

    I will write in Yost and skip SoS in the primary if necessary. Electing extreme moderates b/c Mark Weaver thinks they are the "best candidate" is EXACTLY how we got into the state & national mess we're in...

    Sorry to rant. Thanks for the heads-up & have a great weekend.

  3. Hopefully I can get invited to that lunch next time so there can potentially be a more spirited discussion and less unanimous agreement on issues. ;-)

  4. The Ohio Republican Party still has not learned that Ohio Republicans want conservative candidates. These middle-of-the-road, reaching-across-the-aisle, RINOs that vote like Ted Kennedy do not cut it. Look how many Republicans voted for Brown after the party leadership failed time and again to quit supporting DeWine in spite of his liberal voting record.

    The ORP needs to support conservatives if they are going to win. They claim that they support "winners" instead of "conservatives" but that is not working. We are not winning. And as long as we keep presenting RINOs instead of conservativs, we will continue to lose. Even if we "win" we end up with someone that votes like a liberal so what difference?

    Another example is supporting Kasich over Coughlin. Coughlin is a conservative while Kasich is a RINO. Yet Kasich is already the winning candidate as far as the ORP is concerned--forget letting the primary decide. Here is a news flash: Kasich cannot beat Strickland. Won't happen. Kasich has a pattern of voting against the Bill of Rights making him forever a RINO.

    If the ORP truly wants to win, they will forget the whole good 'ole boy mentality that gave us Taft, Montgomery and DeWine and instead give us conservatives. There is a reason that Ohio is known as the RINO State.

    Just send us some actual conservative candidates and we'll do the rest.


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