Friday, June 26, 2009

This is more like it.

Ohio Reps. Jay Hottinger and Cheryl Grossman are proposing legislation to cut taxes in Ohio with the elimination of the death tax.

This is the kind of macro idea that is necessary to institute the macro-level change Ohio needs. If House Republicans can force a vote, it can put Ohio Dems in quite a bind for the 2010 election.

On a sidenote, I give props to the ORP for embracing youtube in an attempt to work its way into new media outreach. However, while they've done a few of these 'get a state legislator to talk about policy' pieces, Hottinger is the first person that actually seemed comfortable in front of the static camera. It wouldn't take much to make the piece a bit more viewer-friendly. For example, simple utilization of graphics to highlight specific points would be helpful. Also, give the viewer a task at the end of the video. Provide a number to reach their Represenative to voice their support, or an e-mail or website. New media outreach is about interacting with the public, not just talking at them.

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