Monday, June 22, 2009

Ignoring the celebrity.

This afternoon I noticed some new numbers from 2008's most reliable pollster, Scott Rasmussen.

Every so often he conducts a poll gauging whom the public trusts more on certain issues, and how important those issues are to each individual.

I compiled the results below into one spreadsheet, with the issues listed in order of importance to voters, and the Party most trusted with those issues along with the margin of support.

For example, the economy is the number one issue among respondents, and they trusted Republicans by 6 more points than Democrats.

As you can see, Republicans win 4 of the top 5, and the one issue Democrats win isn't even currently part of the national dialogue. I'm also willing to bet that Health Care number will be dropping pretty soon, too. And Abortion is tied? I'll take it.

Now what does this mean right now for Republican candidates?

Quite a bit, actually.

2010 will be about two things. A referendum on Obama and the acceptability of the alternative, in other words, the quality of GOP candidates.

Winning the trust of voters on these issues is vital to winning the referendum. The good thing for Republicans is that this referendum won't be on Obama the Candidate, but Obama and the Issues. That means that despite his celebrity status, winning the issue will be what matters.

As for the quality of GOP candidates, the line of solid recruits keeps growing and growing with word today that Rep. Mike Castle of Delaware will challenge Beau Biden for VP Biden's former Senate seat.

The Republican Party is dead? I think not.

Keep fighting the good fight.

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  1. How Dems can be leading in education is a complete mystery to me considering the state of education today - that's controlled by a extremely pro dem organization.


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