Monday, June 29, 2009

"Coshocton" isn't just a fun word to say...'s also the hometown of the latest newspaper to rip Ohio's Governor a new one.

Here are a few highlights, but make sure you read the whole thing:
I'll tell you one thing, but do another. Gov. Ted Strickland should consider that as a slogan for his re-election campaign. It may not work in his favor, but at least it would be forthright.


Then there are our taxes. Strickland said higher fees equate to higher taxes. He also said he wouldn't raise our taxes and he didn't. Want to guess what happened to various state agency user fees?

We did not - and do not - expect Strickland to work miracles. Times are tough. Ohioans know that - we live it every day. However it would be nice if a politician, somewhere and at sometime, would keep his word.
I know we're a long way off from 2010 newspaper endorsements, but I'm starting to wonder if any major Ohio newspapers will even consider supporting Ted Strickland.

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