Sunday, June 7, 2009

How to lose blog credibility in 15 seconds.

Normally, I avoid discussing Ohio blogs of a liberal nature. There's plenty to keep us distracted with the everyday goings on of national and Ohio politics.

But one recent post from Buckeye State Blog absolutely made my jaw drop. I quote in its entirety:
This was passed to me by a friend who stopped by a Brunner open house earlier today:

"Apparently, the Fisher camp has been sending to same tracker to Brunner's events, and he popped in today for a visit to the open house. Brunner recognized him and casually asked him if he worked for Fisher, to which he replied 'I'm here for the open house.' Brunner then cited the exact number and language of an Ohio Revised Code statute that says employees of a campaign may not attend another campaign event and pose as a volunteer. The guy said he needed to leave and took off out the door."

The first of what I'm sure will be many great stories from the senate campaign trail. And it's nice to know Brunner is well versed on election law!

Ya know, I've seen plenty of folks in politics blinded by their admiration for a candidate. It happens. Fine. No big deal.

But at least have some sense of timing, folks.

From Saturday's Columbus Dispatch, I give you the story describing in detail about how Brunner is anything BUT well versed on election law.

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