Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If there is one thing you do today...

...it should be this.*

Today is the deadline for statewide candidates in Ohio to collect contributions that will be included in their respective financial disclosure report.

If you have a spare $10, or maybe a $1500 hanging around that was supposed to be for a flatscreen that just won't quite work in your new condo, now is the time to send it to someone that really can turn Ohio around: John Kasich.

Money is a necessary evil in every political campaign. Without it, even the most worthy of causes can fail. Don't let that happen.

Click this link and make a difference.

If you've already contributed, take 5 minutes and forward this link along to your friends and family.

It's worth it.

* - Ok, maybe eating, drinking, getting some work done and saying hi to your kids is up there too...but this is pretty damn close.

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