Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stay classy, Kevin Coughlin

Gubernatorial candidate Kevin Coughlin released a hit piece this morning connecting John Kasich to Ted Strickland on gambling. While I'll have more on this later, I did just learn something particularly disturbing.

Kevin Coughlin sent the e-mail hit piece out while at the funeral service for State Senator Robert Schuler.


UPDATE from another source:

"I heard the same thing from a friend that was at the funeral. Said [Coughlin] stepped out on the phone outside and five minutes later I got the e-mail from the Coughlin campaign on my blackberry."


  1. This is why these blogs are a bbaaaaaddd idea. I sat right behind Senator Coughlin at the funeral today and nothing like that happened at all. He never even looked at a phone. I walked out behind him and he never had a phone outside either.

    You people are awful.

  2. E-mails from two people I trust say otherwise.

    Good try, though.

  3. Well we all know that if its on the internet, then it has to be true right?

    Like John McCains secret black baby?

    Or that Obama wasn't really born in the US?

    Or that (insert celebrity name here) died of an OD, Car accident, motorcycle crash, flying monkey attack etc...

    So if said source emailed you stating that for a fact that they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if you ate pop rocks and drank a coke your stomach would explode, would you believe them?

    I mean its not like someone would have a reason making something up to send to a guy who they know runs a pro-Kasich site...nope, nothing at all...

  4. Actually if I was trying I would have said something as simple as, I dunno, site a source, not just some guy...


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