Monday, June 15, 2009

Quit running, Governor

147 days.

885 days.

Those are the number of days Barack Obama and Ted Strickland have been in office, respectively.

Keep that in mind when reading this blurb from the Grey Lady:
As President Obama struggles to turn around the moribund economy and confront multiple international issues, he wastes few opportunities to remind the country that the problems are not of his making.


But at a certain point, a new president assumes ownership of the problems and finds himself answering for his own actions. For Mr. Obama, even some advisers say that moment may be coming soon.


“Whatever problems he inherited walking in the door, they’re his responsibility now,” Mr. Axelrod said. “Nobody’s trying to duck responsibility or make excuses for them. But it is important at times to put it into perspective, not to fix blame but to underscore that some of these problems are complex and they’re going to take time to solve.”
Yep, even the New York Times is getting impatient with President Obama and his team constantly playing the blame game against the previous Administration.

Sounds familiar, eh?

Ted Strickland's Administration hasn't stopped blaming Bob Taft and George Bush for Ohio's problems.

Governor, if after 147 days Obama must start claiming ownership of his problems, shouldn't you after 885?

h/t: Jason Mauk

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