Monday, June 8, 2009

I wish I was unemployed.

$1.3 million for 600,000 people.

That's what the President is promising.

600,000 people will get jobs this summer because of the $787 billion stimulus.

Construction projects, teaching gigs, nurses. All are the kinds of jobs promised by the President.

And all are temporary.

Why? Well you tell me...once the stimulus dollars are spent, and the construction jobs are complete, and funding has dried up to pay for the nurses and teachers, how is it possible to keep these people employed?

Where is that funding going to come from?

President Obama, if you wanted to keep 600,000 people happy for a year, you shoulda just given them 60k each, cut taxes, and wait it out.

Of course, I would have subtracted the "give 60k each" part. But that's because I'm financially responsible.

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