Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An Open Letter to Kevin Coughlin

Dear State Senator Coughlin,

You're an idiot.


For the second straight week your campaign for Governor has attacked the Ohio GOP gubernatorial frontrunner. This time using strange and odd connections to prove an intellectually dishonest conclusion.

Your e-mail this week equivocates Kasich's stance on gambling to Strickland's based on the clients of lobbyists not officially on the Kasich campaign staff.

Reading it makes it sound as stupid as it really is.

You also claim Kasich's silence on the issue as more evidence of your conclusion.


Have you seen the papers, Senator? Have you noticed how Strickland is being ripped apart by editorial staff, preachers and librarians?

Kasich inserting himself into the debate at this point would be downright silly. He should stay out of it and let Strickland take the heat.

If he's asked, he'll answer. Don't force the focus away from Strickland just so you can try to get your licks in against Kasich.

Now some may defend Coughlin by saying he's just doing what he thinks he must do to win the primary.

Newsflash: Coughlin won't win the primary. And if he does, it won't be by tearing down Kasich.

Do yourself a favor, Senator. Click on this link. In it you'll see all the news that your two attacks on Kasich have brought you.

See that? Nothing. Squat. Zilch.

What's the first story? It's one about you proposing a sale of the Ohio Lottery and a leasing of the Ohio turnpike. Without getting into the policy, it's a positive story for you and it got your name in the news. It worked.

All you're doing is hurting yourself by attempting to damage the future GOP nominee for Governor. If Kasich wins, do you think donors will want to see their name on your contributors list if you ever want to run for anything else down the road?

No way. No how.

You want to go down in a ball of flames? Fine. But do your Party a favor and attack the real enemy, Ted Strickland.


DJ Tablesauce

Here's a youtube of Kevin Coughlin's campaign:


  1. I'm trying to understand what's so wrong about trying to benefit from an environment where your opponent's favorable-to-unfavorable rating is 31/30.

    Defining your opponent is as old as the republic, and when nearly as many people have an unfavorable opinion of him as they do favorable it would be pretty poor candidate that didn't at least try.

    Now, you can argue he's failing at it, but it's hard to argue that it's not his right.

  2. Not once did I claim it wasn't his right.

    By all means, go for it....provided he wants to destroy any chance he has at any further future in Ohio politics.

  3. Sorry DJ, that's not for you to decide. No matter what happens here, Coughlin is not yet 40 years old. He has three decades of possible public service ahead of him.

    If you knew anything about politics, you'd know that no one is ever out of a chance.

    To me, Coughlin is a guy who will have more to do with Ohio's future over the long haul than you want to acknowledge. Rather than being an idiot, maybe you should get to know him.

  4. The second strawman argument from you, Mr. Anonymous.

    I never said it was up to me to decide. I only offered up my advice.

    If he doesn't want to take it, fine. But it's his funeral.

  5. Funeral? Sounds like the Highway Patrol ought to look into that statement. Threatening a public figure is not cool DJ. Not cool.


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