Monday, June 29, 2009

Missing the point.

From ONN via Ohio Politics Online:
Sources have confirmed to Capitol Square host John Fortney that an interim seven-day budget bill will be introduced at the Ohio Senate.

The budget talks broke down this weekend when Senate President Republican Bill Harris told Gov. Ted Strickland he could not support video slots at Ohio’s horse tracks as part of the budget.
I also learned via Dix Newspapers that Strickland is trying to use a 2007 vote by Harris for Instant Gaming at racetracks as a tool to paint the Senate President as a hypocrite.

But that is moot.

Despite whatever distractions Strickland's team tries to use, there is no refuting the fact that Strickland could enact his gambling proposal by executive order, just as he did to bring Keno to Ohio.

Governor Strickland, despite all your proclamations of the past two years, and in defiance of the will of the people, if you want gambling in Ohio, go ahead.

You can end this budget negotiation right now.

It's your choice.

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  1. The investors, however, disagree with your assessment of the Governor's executive power and it is their opinion that counts. If signing an EO for the VLTs would be a futile act, as the investors said in a letter to the Senate, the Senate and Pres. Harris need to recognize that. No investors = no money.


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