Thursday, November 18, 2010

1/10th of RGA's expenditures went to Kasich

Over the past year I cheered heavily everytime the RGA released how much cash they had raised.

Why? Because it meant more cash to help Kasich compensate for Strickland's advantage.

And today we learned that the RGA ended up spending $11 million on the Ohio Governor's race of their $102 million in nationwide expenditures.

We've yet to hear the total spent by the DGA, but I assure you it will be nowhere close to $11 million. Of course, that doesn't mean Strickland didn't have plenty of help. Big labor and an anonymous special interest group still dropped millions into the race.

Despite all the complaints about the RGA's ads, no one can question they were a net negative for Ted Strickland during a time when Strickland needed to be improving his approval numbers; particularly among Independents.

That improvement never came and Ted Strickland lost.

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