Monday, November 15, 2010

This makes me happy.

Courtesy the Ohio Republican Party.

Thought you'd like to see a map of Ohio's congressional districts after this month's election. Thanks to your hard work, we reduced the number of Ohio Democrats in Congress by 50%.


  1. Redistricting starts next year, too and the Republicans are in the driver's seat. Expect to see Dennis K. have his district wiped off the map!!!

  2. If we lose only one, Dennis is gone -- maybe locked in a cage fight with Fudge!! If we lose two, then Betty's gone, too.

    I sure would like to see some of the proposed new district lines. I know they're out there already, waiting for official Census numbers. Can somebody find 'em and post 'em?

  3. Poor Jennifer Brunner says we need to reform redistricting.

    Think she would have wrote this if Ted and the other Dems had won and had control of the board?


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