Friday, November 5, 2010

How could things possibly get worse?

[The Ohio Democratic Party was] soliciting what I call the "soft crowd", figuring we weren't that educated - figuring we weren't able to really fight for ourselves - so they picked on the weak in order to strengthen themselves.
These are the words of a hired "volunteer" for the Ohio Democratic Party after getting screwed by Redfern's 'well-oiled GOTV machie' that promised them cash for canvassing.

Republicans were still reeling from Tuesday's victory when we heard about this story. It spread like wildfire. Despite all the claims of a ground game fueled by inspired volunteers, there was always discussion of our opposition hiring their help rather than relying on "paid volunteers".

And here we had evidence splashed all over television news stations in Columbus.

But it went far beyond just Columbus.

It's Cincinnati. It's Cleveland. It's everywhere.

They make you think, why are the Republicans in office? Because we ain't doing what we're supposed to be doing as Democrats. Maybe I need to switch over.

This is Chris Redfern's Ohio Democratic Party.

A ground game built from smoke and mirrors.
Massive losses across the board.
And this ultimate embarrassment spread far and wide across Ohio.

Every day Chris Redfern remains in office is an insult to every sane Democrat in Ohio.


  1. Well, there is some question regarding whether they were really 'paid'. Have the checks cleared?

  2. Yeah, GOP campaigns NEVER pay anyone to do or say anything nice about their candidates.

    Right, Keeling? (snark definitely implied)

    For 2 years you've been bashing Democrats for not creating jobs and now you're bashing them for creating jobs. Guys - pick a side already and stick with it. I know our governor-elect can't stick to his word nor can the Senate Minority leader, but c'mon. A non-story for the first day of the new campaign?

    And the electronic glitch has been well documented and people are getting paid, so nice try on the "dems try to stiff people they promised" routine. It's actually the working class non-billionaires that will sing that tune as soon as the GOP ball gets rolling.

    "Vote for me, less government" as long as you ignore the fact I'm creating new positions before I'm sworn in.

    "Vote for me, I'm not a lobbyist" but ignore the fact that I want them "on the team."

    "Vote for me, more transparency" but you didn't REALLY want TV cameras or recordings in any of our meetings, right?

    "Vote for me, I care about jobs" but completely disregard that NAFTA vote.

    I hope you guys are going to hold Kasich to his campaign promises the same way you think we didn't to Strickland because he's already worn out a pair of flip-flops.


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