Monday, November 15, 2010

Boehner gets it - Part 19

It seems time after time we're being reminded how this House Republican majority is going to be run differently from the last time we were in power.

And that's a very good thing.

Last night Speaker-to-Be John Boehner spoke with the massive class of incoming freshmen to give them an idea of how they should plan to approach the work they'll do the next two years. The event was closed press, meaning no press was allowed, but these excerpted quotes provided to 3BP give us a better understanding of the kind attitude Republicans are taking as they head into power.
"I look at our Conference as a team. That's how I run my office, and it's how I approach the Conference as well.

"Everyone has a talent. Everyone has a place. I'm committed to finding a place for each of you, and putting you in a position to succeed.

"On a football team, a good coach knows every player -- their strengths, their weaknesses, their gifts -- and figures out how to put each player in a position to use those gifts for the good of the team.

"With apologies to our new colleague Jon Runyan, a Michigan Wolverine. . .I'm going to use a quote from the great Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes.

"Woody Hayes wasn't big on gloating after a win. He told his team (quote): 'Once we get winning, [if] anybody comes up to congratulate you, kick them in the shins, unless it’s a little old lady over 80. Pats on the back soften you.'

"I don't recommend kicking anyone, but I do think we need to take our accomplishments in stride. That's how I want to approach the coming year."

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